The legislation for Drones in Brazil is on - finally!

Big news for all brazilian pilots and professional companies: ANAC has finally regulated the UAV operation in the country, setting the market for a safe and sustainable development.

The first impact is in the aircraft divisions, the UAVs are categorized in model airplanes, recreative drones, commercial drones and remotely piloted aircrafts (RPAs).

For safety, drones weighing over 250g can fly keeping a minimum distance of 30 meters from people. Beyond this weight, the pilot needs an authorization of the people nearby.

RPAs were divided in 3 classes, according to its weight, and each class has different rules. For an example, drones up to 25 kg that flies up to 400 feet above ground in line of sight do not need a previous approvement by ANAC.

For the pilots, model airplanes ones do not need a minimum age; but for RPAs, the pilot or observer needs to be at minimum 18 years old.

For more details, click here to download a PDF (in portuguese).