Meet Pelicano, the spraying drone developed for the Brazilian reality

Pelicano 2020

Why choosing Pelicano 2021?

National product

Trust: The Pelicano is an equipment developed by people who know very well the Brazilian agriculture.

SkyDrones provides

  • Safety
  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Spare parts
  • Technical assistance
  • Operational training

SkySys app for an automatic spraying mission


  • Founded in 2008, SkyDrones is the pioneer on developing, manufacturing and operating RPAS in Brazil.
  • Participate in the creation for the brazilian drone legislation in 2017.
  • Is the first Brazilian company to develop, use and sell spraying drones.
  • Acts with the Brazilian agriculture ministry developing the specific law for spraying drones.
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Meet Zangão V

Fixed wing RPA developed by SkyDrones for surveying

  • RGB or multispectral surveying
  • Flight time of 40 minutes*;
  • More than 200 hectare per flight*;
  • Cruising speed: 20-25 m/s (72- 90 km/h).
*depends on flight and weather conditions

•  TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONS – Solutions for multiple markets  •

Custom solutions

SkyDrones develops custom solutions for its clients.

Hardware and software.


System for gathering information from Beacons and RFID tags from indoor and outdoor automatic drone flights

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Inflatable floating device delivered by drone

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Do it YOUR way

Is your company looking for some application?

Find how we can help you automate and solve you internal processes

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Get to know some solutions we devolped in the past:

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Testimony – Zangão V

27 de March de 2018|

Of course, you have the right to be suspicious of us when we say that our drones are wonderful and as efficient [...]

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