Zangão: Fixed-wing UAV


Fixed-wing class 3 RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) Zangão V relies on avionics and control systems for highly stable flights, even with minimum training operators. It offers a high payload capability and great reliability, with sensors that allow automated flights, covering pre-programmed areas without any pilot action. Differently from other models’ adaptations, Zangão V was conceived and developed since the beginning as a modular platform, able to carry several types of camera dedicated to mapping and timely corrections on precision agriculture systems.


  • Agriculture mapping
  • Topography/surveying
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Power grid inspection
  • Industrial plant inspection
  • Construction and mining volume calculation
  • Wind-power mapping for wind farms


  • Single flight coverage: up to 10 km²
  • Ground sampling distante (GSD): minimum of 1,5 cm
  • Orthomosaic accuracy: up to 3 cm
  • Digital elevation model accuracy: up to 5 cm


  • Professional use
Mapping, volume calculation and precision agriculture

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