Inflatable floating device delivered by drone

Unlike other complex and expensive solutions, SARtube is a system made of a device that can be attached to several DJI drones, an auto-inflatable floater triggered by water contact and an app specifically developed for Search And Rescue missions.

Its small weight and reduced area enable the use of the Phantom or Inspire platforms to send an auto-inflatable floater. This floater is also very helpful when flying because its shape makes it easier to move and hover in windy conditions and saves a lot of power consumption, thus improving the operation window. Besides greatly reducing the system’s weight, a platform of low power (and cheaper) such as the Phantom is a strong point for mass usage. The floater can be reused simply by switching the CO2 tube and the trigger that inflates the device upon water contact.

Added to Phantom and Inspire, it’s also possible to use SARtube on a Matrice 600, which can carry up to 4 floaters at the same time.

Installation is simple and does not require welding or equipment tempering, being just fixed on the drone. The delivery is controlled by the app, ensuring it gets right where it needs to. Batteries are USB-rechargable.

Search and rescue drone

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