Pelicano 2021

The new series for SkyDrones spraying drones
What was good, got even better!

Pelicano 2021 – Fixed 10 liter tank

Reference for spraying drones
in Latin America

SkyDrones develops and works with spraying drones for 5 years, having validated this solution for many companies and farms in Brazil.

After the success of the Pelicano series 2020 with clients and partner business, we have made a lot of upgrades to its hardware and software, making the drone even better based on all the feedback we got last year.

The Pelicano

The Pelicano is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) with a modular platform. The on-board electronics, sensors and control system stabilize the equipment allowing quick learning even for inexperienced pilots. Its sensors allow stabilized flight in a fixed position or automatic flight to previously programmed positions, with no need for pilot intervention.

Its pre-programmed high-precision flight allows automatic spraying missions only in places with a real need.

It is mainly used in hard to reach areas or places that pose a risk to the person responsible for the costal application.

Pelicano 2021 folded

Operational features

Pelicano 2020 and 2021

SkySys app for an automatic spraying mission

National product

Trust: The Pelicano is an equipment developed by people who know very well the Brazilian agriculture.

SkyDrones provides:

  • Safety
  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Spare parts
  • Technical assistance
  • Operational training

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