Pelicano 2020

The new series of SkyDrones spraying drones

Pelicano 2020 – Removable Tank – Model 1.0

Latin America reference company in Spraying Drones

SkyDrones has been developing and working with spraying drones for 4 years, having validated this innovative solution for different cultures in Brazil. In this new series, we are working with an initial model, which covers the basics for an automatic and efficient aerial spraying, and several upgrades, which revolve around tank options, radars, and proprietary software for application missions at multiple points of interest.

The Drone Pelicano

The Pelicano is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) with a modular platform. The on-board electronics, sensors and control system stabilize the equipment allowing quick learning even for inexperienced pilots. Its sensors allow stabilized flight in a fixed position or automatic flight to previously programmed positions, with no need for pilot intervention.

Its pre-programmed high-precision flight allows automatic spraying missions only in places with a real need.

It is mainly used in hard to reach areas or places that pose a risk to the person responsible for the costal application.

Pelicano 2020 - 10 liters removable tank

Operational features

Pelicano 2020 - 16 liters fixed tank

SkySys app for an automatic spraying mission

Brazilian Product

Trust: The Pelicano 2020 is an equipment developed by people who know very well the Brazilian agriculture.

SkyDrones provides:

  • Safety
  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Spare parts
  • Technical assistance
  • Operational training

Main models for the Pelicano 2020 series

Pelicano 2020 – Fixed Tank

Pelicano 2020 - Tanque Fixo de 10 LitrosPelicano 2020 - 16 liters fixed tank

10 liters tank / 16 liters tank

Pelicano 2020 – Removable Tank

Pelicano 2020 - Tanque Removível de 10 litrosPelicano 2020 - Tanque Removível de 16 litros

10 liters tank / 16 liters tank

Meet the drones on the following video: